Most recent Carbon County News reviewed: Popular, pro-science physician, Dr. Bill George, and his Public Health Department receive Employee of the Year award, despite being ousted by County politics; County discriminates against marijuana; and more:

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— Dr. George and his Public Health Department, associated with the Beartooth Billings Clinic, were ousted after the Carbon County Commissioners terminated the county’s contract with the Clinic. Dr. George and his staff were pro-science, pro-vaccine and pro-mask, and efficiently helped get people vaccinated and reduce the severity of the COVID pandemic in Carbon County. The County created its own Health Department, which is currently understaffed and underfunded.

— The County Commissioners discriminate against marijuana, even though most county residents for the legal marijuana initiative in Montana, by creating zoning resolution that applies to marijuana, but not alcohol. There has been talk that the initiative passed in Carbon County only because of the vote in Red Lodge. By that logic, if local areas vote differently than the general population they should get their own politicians. For example, if the blue counties in Montana didn’t vote for Gianforte should Mike Cooney also serve as governor? And the article quotes a concern that marijuana is (not yet) legal at the federal level. We suspect a bit of hypocrisy, as. some holding that view probably are willing to buck other federal laws.

— And, finally, there is the weekly letter from the Carbon County Republican Women. Odd how people bemoan zoning as government intrusion, except when it suits THIER purposes.

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